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I'm real happy with the Di2. I'm running the 2X with syncro shift. Have had no problems setting it up with different customized shifting. Battery life is amazing.

Well that was until last weekend. Six weeks of no riding, and the battery went dead. Was four bars last checked, very unusual, so some poking around and maybe it needs a software update. Should be no problem, since I have the SMPCE-1. No good, get this message while trying to update the SC-MT800 . So I try the blue tooth connection via android phone. It will show the blue fang thing, but needs a password. Tried the ones suggested, and nothing will allow blue tooth. Maybe the shop had a password entered? How would I reset that?


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Bluetooth LE settings (when connected to d-fly transmitter)=> reset/setup password.

You can also directly error check the battery with the PCE-1. Restore the firmware, if necessary. You can disconnect the trouble part (display) and update everything else via the PCE-1, too.

Battery drain can be caused by a damaged part or wire, but those can only be diagnosed by a regional Shimano rep--they have a special diagnostic tool. Drop it off at a [big] shop if you think that's the case.


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It's integrated into the sc-mt800. Ignore any warnings, enter the Bluetooth setup screen, and do your business.
Well, that is the problem. Pass word won't work. I never created one, never used blue tooth. The default 000000, 0000, 1234, won't. Maybe the shop did when they set it up. So how to reset password? And since I have it hardwired via the PCE-1, why would it only update via BT? UGH.

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Well, that's what I'm saying. You have to use the pce-1, hooked up to your PC, hooked up to the display unit.

When you perform a connection check, it will tell you you can't update it—that's fine, you don't want to. Click the bottom button (Bluetooth LE settings), and go nuts. Set it to whatever you want, connect to your mobile device, et voila.

It's possible it's damaged beyond that, but a call to the technical department at Shimano would rule that out quickly.


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Thanks Karate! Password reset. Got it all updated. Really strange that BT is the only way to update, what if I did not have a smart phone?
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We have seen a handful of issues lately with di2. All related to premature battery drain. When updating via BT it’s important to actually end a session or the system stays active and drains the battery. Personally, I prefer the hardwire updates and service.