100mm fork options?

I have had both Rock shox Sid WC and fox stepcast forks. I never had any problems with either but defi liked the feel of the rock shox better. So I have great pricing on all but trying to make the decision. Rock shox was plush and soaked up the small stuff which being a smoother rider that’s all I need. The stepcast feels like it is too much. Not nearly as compliant and you can see it flex under breaking or seated climbing. I am also considering the sid rlc.


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The new Bilstein XC1 fork seems to be exactly what you want. Lighter/Stiffer than both the SID & Stepcast 32. Less expensive, easily rebuildable and easy to adjust including length.


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After riding a Lefty for over 5+ years, I have a Reba SID XX on my singlespeed and I'm surprised I'm very happy with it. Very firm when it locks out. If you're looking at 100mm forks, you are looking for something light and stiff and that locks out for when you are climbing. This fit the bill for me.
Well, when you ride rigid all the time you are forced to pick smoother lines. I’m not the fastest but I am usually efficient. What I’m saying is I’d rather having a fork to soak up the chatter vs one that soaks up big hits. I feel rock shox does the chatter better and fox the latter. I will also look i to the bilstein.
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So, despite liking my Rockshox Sid XX world cup better than my Stepcast I went with the stepcast again. Huge price difference once I got my discount and in honesty I didn't own my Rockshox more than a year. I don't want to cry if the carbon gives way in a year or two. I have heard of a few carbon crowns breaking.