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He'll Get Ya!
The Troll Bridge is a feature in the far reaches of Round Valley State Park State Park. It is located on the main loop, approximately a half mile from the end of the legal trail before the Eagle Trail and the "Trail Closed" sign. The feature was originally 2 downed trees, each approximately 6" in diameter, which ran about 4-5 feet apart and were connected by a large pile of rocks, the main part of the "bridge". Over time one of the trees has rotted away and fallen off the formation and the park has slowly lessened the "severity" of the feature.
The Troll Bridge gets it's name due to the difficulty in riding across it. Going down was not too much of a problem, though in wet conditions it often appeared threatening enough to coerce the rider to unclip. However, going up always posed the most challenge. The legend was that a troll lives under the bridge and when you try to cross, he pulls you down to the ground. With the recent fading of the bridge, one can only assume that the troll has moved out and been replaced with a smaller, weaker troll, as fewer riders get pulled off than previously.
Now the Troll Bridge remains part of the lore of the park, as riding both up and down it is a fairly easy endeavor. Be that as it may, the troll occasionally comes to life and pummels the unsuspecting rider even to this day, as evidenced by the first hand view in the video below:
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