Stone Gate

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General Information

Stone Gate is a destination trail at Mahlon Dickerson located in the southern part of the park.

Google Map

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="41.007858" lon="-74.586453" type="terrain" zoom=13>

41.01175,-74.566606 Weldon Road - Ball Field (aka Picnic Area) From route 15, this lot is further along than the more popular Saffin Pond lot. Directions

41.007858,-74.586453 /Info\ Weldon Road - Saffin Pond Right off Weldon Road on the right side, gates open at around 8 AM. Directions /Photo\

Mahlon lot.jpg

40.989405,-74.58868 Weldon Road - Rock Rill Entrance Entrance is on a dirt road. Bear left and parking is up on the left. Directions


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Details and Info

Blaze: Yellow/Black
Approaches: Yellow trail in southern part of park will get you to the bottom or top of Stone Gate. Beaver Brook will get you to the eastern-most part of Stone Gate.
Miles: 1.25
Difficulty: Intermediate
Trail Type: Singletrack, Doubletrack
Surface Dirt
Obstacles: Trail Obstacles, Rock Garden, Technical Trail Features
Detailed Overview: Stone Gate is split into two parts divided by the highest point on the trail; a rock formation called Stone Gate. One half is smooth and flowing singletrack, the other moderately technical, yet still quite flowing, singletrack. Riding clockwise consists of the smoother part of the trail with a slight ascent followed by the technical descent. Riding counter-clockwise is a fairly big climb to the top.