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General Information

Six Mile Run is the hidden biking gem of the central New Jersey overpopulation zone. Fast and flat, this trail network improves constantly with the help of the Jasons who maintain the trails in the park. It is a wet weather sensitive park so try to avoid after heavy rains. With no rocks and elevation to speak of, water accumulates fairly easily. A great place for beginners, it also holds plenty of fun times for fast riders who want to press the pace. This was once considered as a site for a reservoir before becoming public parkland.

Google Map

{{#display_map:|center=40.466905,-74.537672|zoom=13|static=yes|height= 400px|width= 800px|fusiontables=1sWe5VqVMIr9RkguFINSP95QJCXGlqKQeUZ6rnNAh}}

40.474603, -74.571204, Canal Road Entrance Directions

40.456657, -74.514988, Jersey Nights Soccer Field/Route 27 Directions

40.466847, -74.559779, Jacques Lane Directions

Details and Info

Miles: 15 miles of unique, twisty singletrack.
Difficulty: Beginner
Trails: Singletrack
Surface Dirt (Hardpack, Mud)
Obstacles: Optional log overs, boardwalks and bridges
Detailed Overview: Minimal climbing, minimal rocks, some roots, plenty of logs,


Trail Name Blaze Distance Description
Blue Trail Blue 3.5 miles From the canal lot to the red trail connector by South Middlebush. Easiest of the trails. Couple of low risk bridges and scenic views of the fields.
Red Trail Red 1.4 miles Kind of a grey area, not really a trail anymore. This was once considered a hiking only trail, but now is a unspoken multi use trail. A lot of drama surrounds it, but still ridden by all. little more technical in the ways of quick elevation changes. Very straight compared to the rest of the ST. Ends right at canal road, so be careful when exiting/entering the trail!
White Trail White 1.4 miles The newest of the singletrack here. Some small elevation changes.
Orange Trail Orange 4.3 miles Minus the beginning of the trail to the power lines, this trail is relatively flat, twisty singletrack. Some boardwalks to get us over the sections that do not drain well, as well as more low risk bridges. Very well beaten in and maintained. Starts at the 27 lot and will end at South Middlebush. A couple of shortcuts are still around from the old days, but the main trail is so well ridden/beaten in, its hard to get lost.


Rider: pearl
Description: The map above shows the standard "lollipop" loop. Six Mile is always growing and expanding, but this will be pretty dead on. One day a turn may be recut, a bridge added, anything. That is what makes coming back to this place so special.
The loop starts off 27 at the Jersey Knights soccer field. The first mile of this trail is not so beginner friendly and is not a great taste of what six mile has to offer. You will come to a power line crossing where the fun really begins. You go into "the twisties" which is a tight, turn-happy area with lots of trees and lots of practice at bike handling. Things open up a bit after that and you will variously see build up logs, bridges, and roller scattered through the park. The route crosses South Middlebush which is a high traffic area, so be careful! Once you cross this the route splits, going into the lollipop of the course. The "way" is normally clockwise (left at split going on Red, not blue) but either way is totally acceptable. The trails get faster at this point and you make your own fun as best you can through the loop. You will then split onto the white trail (left). This will wind its way into some open fields, then dumping you to Jacques lane. After leaving the trail on white into the parking lot,The red trail is to the right. This will let you open up your roadie legs and dump you into the Red trail. Some ups and downs which can be challenging and different from the rest of the trails. You will come out to the Canal Rd side at the far end of the loop. There are also various man-made TTFs along the way. You will hit the road for a little bit until you see the canal parking lot. The trailhead to enter the blue trail is on the far end of the parking lot. The Blue trail will eventually end up at the split you came to after you crossed South Middlebush. You can follow your tracks back from this location.
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Six Mile Run offers about 14 miles of tight and twisty singletrack. The trails are an out-and-back set up, as there isn't really a loop. There are no rock gardens to speak of; all of the technical features are man-made, and consist of either skinnies and bridges over streams and wet spots, log rides, and log roll-overs. There are also two water crossings. When riding Six Mile you'll ride through lowlands, farmland, and even some lower wetlands. Give yourself anywhere from an hour-and-forty-five minutes to two hours to ride out and back (obviously, the time it takes to ride the park depends on your pace, this is just an average time to see most of the trails).
Six Mile's topography is typical for the more central-southern NJ riding areas, mainly flat with some rolling hills, and a handful of quick but steep climbs. A comparable trail system is Allaire State Park, just replace the sandy spots of Allaire with mud. Speaking of mud, Six Mile is really prone to mud and wet conditions, the soil at Six Mile is that clay/shale based soil the covers most of central NJ (think Chimney Rock soil composition), so be weary about riding here after a rain - there are some areas of Six Mile that don't ever seem to dry out, especially in the lower elevation areas that don't have good drainage.
The typical starting point is the Rt. 27 entrance. Once you enter the trailhead from the parking lot and turn left at the big log pile, in less than a minute you'll get a good idea of what you'll be riding the rest of the time. The majority of trails consist of smooth and tight singletrack that twist and turn through tight, dense woods. In the center of the park, the trail opens up from the dense woods for a mile or so as the ride takes you along the side of cornfields and farmland.
Aerobically, Six Mile is not very demanding, with the few ups and downs it does offer, you can get a good workout as you'll be pedaling most of the time, but there are no lung-busting climbs.
Technically, Six Mile is also not very demanding, however, in some sections there are quite a few obstacles built in, especially over on the canal-side of the park. Close to the canal-side entrance, there is a moderate-to-high concentration of skinnies, bridges, log rollovers and log rides (the log rides are optional, and most of the log rollovers do have ride-around options). Keep that in mind if you are a beginner, or if you are taking a beginner along on a ride, there are enough features to make for some stop-and-go in a few spots.
Overall, Six Mile makes for a real fun ride; there is enough smooth singletrack to give the beginner rider plenty of fun without worry, and there are enough technical features and twists and turns to entertain the more advanced rider.

Bike Shop(s) and Good Eats

Sponsor Shop: Halter's Cycles (Directions from park)
Post Ride Food: La Casa de Tortilla (Directions from park)


Note, this map is missing the section that runs from the Jacques Lane parking lot (red trail) to the canal road, as this is not a officially recognized trail.


Video Trail Reviews - Six Mile Run courtesy of rider MannyL358