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General Information

An intricate system of marked hiking trails are available for the public to explore, some of which connect the Ringwood and Skylands sections of the park. These trails offer visitors opportunities to explore interior woodlands and rocky vistas. Multi-use trails are also available in the Skylands section of the park. These trails are suitable for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. Please obey all designated uses of the trails, posted at the trail heads and trail crossings. A 7.5 mile mountain bike loop trail begins in the Shepard Lake section of the park.
Ringwood is a vast network of trails which actually heads up into New York state as well as south all the way to Skyline Drive. The standard race loop (which is apparently marked) is a fair way to get yourself in and around the park. Following someone who knows the way is a better bet, as lots of new trails have been showing up in Ringwood over the past few years. Ringwood is home to the H2H race, the Leaf Blower, formerly known as the Fall Classic.

Google Map

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="41.099002" lon="-74.245605" type="terrain"> http://mtbnj.com/gps/ringwood.kml

41.012639, -74.278583 Zoller's Soccer Field The Super Secret Zoller Soccer Parking, where only people who *know* where it's at park. This lot is reserved for the truly special, and I mean special. Directions

41.031889, -74.25186 Skyline Lower Lot A lot of hikers park here, so many people going to the lake. Rocky hike-a-bike before you get on the trail. Directions

41.047523, -74.251516 Skyline Upper Lot Most people park here and it gives you access to both sides of Skyline Drive. Directions

41.107921, -74.244307 Ryerson School Free Parking, it's not crowded when school is closed, and it's the quickest way to 5 Bridges. Directions

41.1191, -74.238843 Lot C Zoller says most people park here, for a mere 5 pesos in the summer, and it's the closest lot to the new trail. Directions

41.138045, -74.232339 Shepherd Lake This is where the race starts, $10 in the summer to park here. Directions

41.131328, -74.259069 Morris Road Entrance Is this for real? Directions


The above loop shows Norm's loop which is the start of the 2009 race course, then goes out to Six Bridges, and back to the new technical trail (name?) and finishes on the race loop.
Click the desired marker on the map above (via Google Maps)

Details and Info

Miles: 25
Difficulty: Intermediate, Advanced
Trails: Singletrack, Doubletrack, Fire Road. Numerous Trails. Some Hiking Only, some Multi Use, some are built for mountain biking. None are Bicycle Use specific.
Surface: Dirt (hardpack, mud). Dirt based Soil. Some areas stay muddy after rains, most drain well. Lots of rocks and rock gardens. Log Crossings are common.
Obstacles: Drops, Trail Obstacles, Rock Garden. Numerous obstacles involving natural use of the terrain exist. Rock Rollers, Drops, Log Rides, Skinnys, and Narrow Bridges.
Special Features: Bridges. 6 Bridges Trail has (you guessed it) 6 man made skinny bridges. Trails around Warm Puppy Rock have numerous natural and man made rock rollers and difficult technical lines.
Detailed Overview: Some of everything, plenty of rocks, logs, and climbing.
Park Website: New Jersey DEP Parks & Forestry


Trail Name Blaze Distance Description
Cannonball Trail Red Circle/White C ~8 miles Connects Ramapo State Forest to Ringwood State Forest
Hoeferlin Trail Yellow ~6 miles Connects Ramapo State Forest to Ringwood State Forest
Skylands Trail White with Blue Triangle ~1 mile Technical and fun, designed for MTB. A Must Ride.
6 Bridges Trail None ~1 mile Technical and twisty. A Must Ride.
Renegade (Cats Nest) None ~1 mile Difficult Rock gardens. Connect 6 br. to Warm Puppy
Red Trail/Ringwood-Ramapo Red ~9 miles Great new MTB loop near Warm Puppy Rock. A Must Ride.
The Race Trail Brown RVCC w/ Mtn Biker ~4 miles Start near Shepherd Lake. Intermediate difficulty.
Poison Ivy None ~1 mile Smooth single track. Fun, fast & flowy. Opposite of rest of Ringwood.


http://connect.garmin.com/activity/7738815 Top of Skyline Drive (Ramapo Mtn.) to Ringwood and back
http://connect.garmin.com/activity/15321020 2009 Ringwood Leaf Blower race Loop
http://connect.garmin.com/activity/17291416 13 mile loop hitting most of the good stuff. Starting from Ryerson School. Loop may be better in reverse direction.


Ringwood is one of the more technical parks to ride in NJ. Most of the trails are defined by rock gardens and a heavy dose of climbing (either the trail itself or the fireroads that lead to the trail). However, this is what makes Ringwood such a fun and challenging park to ride. You will find all different types of terrain here, from smooth single track (not many), rocky single track (lots of these), tight switch-backs, rocky double track, fireroads (lots of these), some opportunities for drops, man-made and natural obstacles.
Most of the recently groomed trails are on the Western side of the park - Warm Puppy, Ringwood-Ramapo, Skylands, 6 Bridges, Race Trail. On the Eastern and Southern side (on the way East to Bear Swamp and South to Ramapo State Park), you will find trails where you may not run into a single soul for the whole day you ride there. These trails have more of a "raw" feel to them.
A first-timer to the park will be greeted with numerous fireroads that are impossible to navigate. A map alone probably is not enough to find some of the more hidden trails at Ringwood. A local guide or GPS is almost required to hit all of the best stuff at Ringwood.
Don't let the difficulty of navigation, deter you from checking out the park. You can spend 2-3 hours easily on some of easy-to-find trails there. These trails have also had the most recent trail maintenance work and are a blast to ride. They include Warm Puppy Rock, Ringwood Ramapo, Skylands, and the Race Trail. Once you park at Lot C, find the red blazes of Ringwood-Ramapo and follow it North to the blue blazes (Skylands) or follow the red blazes South to Warm Puppy rock. This North/South direction will give the first-timer a excellent introduction to Ringwood.
- soundz

Discussion, Events, and JORBA

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JORBA Contact: pixychick

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