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General Information

Hartshorne and Huber, 2 for the price of 1. Hidden down in the Atlantic Highlands these parks offer a surprising set of trails for the locals. The ride is fast and fun, and worth a trip every now and again, especially for those looking for flowing single track with little technical difficulty. A single basic loop will net you about 1.5 hours at Hartshorne and if you hop over to Huber it ups you to around 2.5 hours depending. For connecting the two parks look below under the “connection” heading. It's a fun fast ride, and worth checking out despite the fact that route 36 is the pits.
Hartshorne - A hilly, forested 787-acre site overlooking the Navesink River, this park is among the highest elevations along the Atlantic Coast and features prominently in area history as a former coastal defense site. Known for its challenging trail system and scenic views, Hartshorne Woods is a popular park for area hikers, bicyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. Read More
Huber Woods - Nestled on a hill overlooking the Navesink River, the park was established in 1974 with a 118-acre gift of land from the Huber Family and the J.M. Huber Corporation. With continued acquisitions, additional land donations and the help of the Monmouth Conservation Foundation, Huber Woods Park has grown to 366 acres of permanently preserved open space. Read More

Google Map

{{#display_map:|center=40.395355, -73.999444|zoom=14|static=yes|height= 400px|width= 800px|fusiontables=1d7uH8-yqih3kucFVcy4rtiGt91lwiSXM_auvT1iw}}

40.401545,-74.012621 Navesink Avenue Lot, AKA Buttermilk Lot, AKA Lower Lot Directions

40.392453, -73.987204 Grand Tour Entrance, AKA Upper Lot Directions

Details and Info

Miles: 12
Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate
Trails: Singletrack, Doubletrack
Surface: Sand, Dirt (hardpack)
Obstacles: Trail Obstacles
Special Features Bridges
Detailed Overview: Bits of climbing, some logs and roots. The outer loop nets you about an hour and a half. A few sandy areas but overall not many. Good solid bunch of Singletrack here.
Park Website: Hartshorne Huber Woods



Trail Name Blaze Distance Description
Laurel Ridge Trail ? 2.5 miles Accessed from Navasink Avenue in the Buttermilk parking lot, whether you go clock wise or counter clockwise there will be some climbing at the start of the ride. For more of a challenge go clock wise for a steep technical section around the back of Laurel Ridge.
Grand Tour Trail ? 3.1 miles The heart of the trail system centrally located between Laurel Ridge trail and Rocky Point. Acting as more than a connecting trail GT offers a staircase climb if accessed from the lower end of Laurel Ridge trail. Hoping on this trail in any direction provides flow.
Rocky Point Trail ? 2.6 miles Taken clockwise offers more climbing, either way you go there is a nice overlook down the service road crossing the trail.


Trail Name Blaze Distance Description
Clay Pit ? .5 miles Short connection to the Valley View loop accessed from Locust Point Road parking lot.
Valley View ? 1.7 miles Most ride in a counter clockwise direction on their way to Many Log Run. For less climbing one can enter going clockwise on the trailhead.
Fox Hollow ? .8 miles If parking in the Browns Dock lot this is the connector trail to Valley View trail. Leaving the parking lot with the Environmental Center behind you and heading toward the tree line this trail has flow in either direction.
Many Log Run ? 1.2 miles Located on the other side of Browns Dock Road these trails provide the best single track at Huber incorporating some climbing, and small switchbacks. This is also where you’ll find some sandy sections.

Connecting Hartshorne & Huber

Trail Name Blaze Distance Description
Pavement black 1.2 miles To connect to Huber from Hartshorne you have to make your way over to the Buttermilk parking lot located on Navasink Avenue. From there make a left onto Navasink road and go to the stop sign. Make a left onto Locust Ave. and go over bridge. Come to a stop sign and make a left onto Locust Point Road. Use caution crossing this dangerous intersection. The entrance to Huber is up on the right, pedal up service road and trailhead is in on the left.


Hartshorne & Huber

Rider: Norm
Description: This was my local loop as led by my teammate ChrisG back in 2007.
Link: Motionbased


There are 2 parking lots which dictate your route. For those wanting more climbing park in the Buttermilk parking lot located on Navasink Avenue, less climbing park in the Grand tour parking lot.
Rider: poor iggy
Description: Hartshorne - More Climbing - Parking in Buttermilk will put you on Laurel Ridge trail, I like to enter clockwise and get on Grand Tour to climb the staircase and proceed on the trail staying to the left at all intersections. After a climb to a service road you will see the entrance to the Rocky Point trail straight ahead. You have the option of hoping on here or making a left on the service road to enter further up going clockwise for more climbing. To access Rocky point clockwise go past the Grand Tour parking lot on your right and the trail head to Rocky Point will be up on your left. Going in either direction will loop you around to get back onto Grand Tour and this time stay to the left to connect with the Laurel Ridge trail to get you back to the parking lot.

Rider: poor iggy
Description: Hartshorne - Less Climbing - Park in the Grand Tour parking lot and enter Rocky Point going counter clock wise. Looking at the water tower across from parking lot proceed to the left down the service road for trail access, you will see Rocky point trail head on your left. This loop will bring you back around to the parking lot. To continue on to Grand Tour go down service road past water tower and make a right onto trailhead and stay to the right at all intersections. This will bring you past the Butter Milk parking lot on the other side of the park and back up Laurel Ridge to Grand Tour. Staying to the right will bring you back to the service road where the Rocky Point trail access is. Make a left onto service road to get back to the Grand Tour parking lot.


Smaller trail network than Hartshorne with some similar rolling elevations but on a beginner friendly scale. Browns Dock Road, a hard pack entrance and service road into the park dissect the trails. Parking can be found here or further down on Locust Point Road. This trail network borders many local farms and houses, please adhere to park boundaries and stay on the trail.
Rider: poor iggy
Description: Huber - With two Parking lots you have your choice of entries, parking at Locust Pt. Road will put you on the outer loop of Valley View while Browns Dock road puts you in the middle of the trail system. I prefer to park off of Locust Pt. Road and cover everything in a counter clockwise rotation. Doing so I can cover every trail, just stay to the right.


Discussion, Events, and JORBA

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JORBA Info: Hartshorne & Hubor Woods rumblings at JORBA.org
JORBA Contact: Brian Snyder

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