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Hudson 2 Highlands
H2H stands for Hudson 2 Highlands. The series is a faint competitor to the MASS series but the races are more local to the northern New Jersey and lower New York areas. Fields tend to be smaller than the MASS series though there is plenty of competition here. The proximity of the races makes it easy to hit all of these races in a season, especially those close to the NY-NJ border.
The H2H series is purely an XC series, with currently 8 races making up the whole of the series. The season usually kicks off with the Wawayanda Spring Cleaning and end with the Ringwood Leaf Blower. Other staples of the series are the Lewis Morris Challenge, Bulldog Rump, Rumble in the Jungle, Tymor Park Challenge, and Chain Stretcher. Up through 2009, the Darkhorse Gallop was also a mainstay but was pulled from the plate in 2010 and replaced with the Taconic 909 Challenge. In the past, Williams Lake was also a race venue in the series.
There is no additional registration required to compete for the series.
The series is currently (2010) sponsored by Campmor.
The H2H series is a USAC series.
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