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I'm out today. Just gonna do a soft ride. I don't do super early , But at 5pm on Thursday Max and I are doing the Tourne if you can make that work would be cool.
Sorry, got distracted after I sent that to you. Maybe super early Thursday?
Hey Ben I have a question any change can kinda give me and idea of where the sink hole jumps are in Allaire state park. Please thank you Brandon
hey. how's it going! I might be able to assist with the Boy Scout Jamboree. Could lead or sweep. Ed Zuckerman, 973 634 0897 cell.
Eddie Z
Eddie Z
best way to reach me is my direct email
I found a Garmin yesterday at Allaire , let me know if its possibly yours. I did check with Garmin and unfortunately its not registered.
Please ask around ,lets find its rightful owner. Garmin's aren't cheap.
lost my garmin 530 saturday in allair parking lot, it has a red rubber case, if anyone knows about it please lmk
Hi I posted in your thread about the cat, Griz. Interested in coming to meet him. I'm in Denville (and see you're in W. Orange now that I'm on your page). Could come this weekend if you're available. I have another cat his age he'd be a good mate for. My cell is 973-477-1356 if that's easier for you.

Thanks, Tom.
hey its Bill ....i have a few questions about the mastodon when you have free minute could you give me a call 973 900 1357 thx
Hey, Jim. I'm going to be up in your area tomorrow. Are you interested in riding Lewis Morris? Thanks. Alastair
Thanks for the Mayhem photos! I was in the 11a.m. race, and you did terrific! The weather certainly made everything that much better!