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Well my 7 y/o is really becoming the daredevil. He practices everyday in the backyard on the skinnies and the jumps. But he is banging his knees up pretty good daily. Need a recommendation on knee pads for kids.
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I got these for my 7yr old daughter. If there is a better option, I haven’t seen them. I am doing an order on Monday I can have them by late next week if you are interested


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Definitely get some from @jdog or whoever your local LBS is if you are able to but my youngest daughter was using my elbow pads as knee pads for a while, she's 12 now and she can still fit them. Might be something to try for the interim until you can get him his own.


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My daughter is 10, but quite small. I got her gshock youth knee pads and she seems to like them

She complains a bit about her elbow pads being uncomfortable and doesnt always wear them, but the kneepads must be comfortable because she has never complained.



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I got the G-Form knee and elbow pads for my son and he seems to like it. By like it I mean he's not complaining about them and wanting to rip them off. So for him comfort is very important because the best pads are useless if the kid refuses to wear them.
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