your LBS loyalty

are you loyal?

  • very little. unless my bottom bracket falls out.

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  • nope. bike shop = high prices to pay the rent/help.

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  • i single speed. what's a bike shop?

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i've always been pretty loyal when it came to bike shops. i do as much biz as i can with them b/c i know that it'll come back around...a couple extra dollars here and there doesn't bother me. but, when i can get TWO tires on line for less than the price of one at the LBS, i have to draw the line. what about you?


entirely thrilled
i'm as loyal as they come. granted i get a heavy discount because i'm friends with them and used to work there. and kind of sort of ride for them. but even without, i would feel like i'm selling out my friends if i bought online. the advice and service is invaluable. and for your average joe, having a friend on the 'inside' to deal with companies can be a big help when it comes to warranties and big purchases.
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