You won't be laughing when the pimpin' Nomad flies overhead



"You won't be laughing when the pimpin' Nomad flies overhead."

That is a direct quote from my buddy Steve when people were laughing it up upon first seeing what he did to his Nomad over the winter.

So I put together a video in his honor and since he is the self appointed leader of the Westchester Degenerate Freeride Team and coming to a park near you, I wanted to warn you.

Its the vid represented by the glorious machine below.




Dam, taking the white one step farther with the polished frame. I better see a white and chrome blur whiz by at Diablo.

Wait till you see my blingtastic Turner 08 DHR. Frame and swingarm powder coated white, white boxxer WC fork, winter camo sunn rims. :getsome:


Spokompton's Finest
that is a great vid. perfect tune, great editing. nice.

love the backyard skinnies... ideas ideas ideas. :getsome:

Brian Snyder

JORBA "Roaming Gnome"
That, is one styling ride my man. Put a goose neck wit' a kicked out rake, and a little circular wheel made out of chain, and you complete the journey.
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