You know it's cold when....

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well, it's like this. I always have a roll of TP in the truck in case I go to a park with a not-so-well equiped Port-o-John. (No, I don't want to use my sock!!-jamie) I cleaned out my truck today because I'm going into the city and I don't want too much in the vehicle when they tow it away,...again. While cleaning there was my TP all shredded up! Odd, I thought. As I grasp the TP, out ran a mouse! Need I remind you, this is my truck we are talking about. Now, it's got to be getting cold outside if they want to live in an old pickup that moves around a lot! Note to self: Don't leave breakfast PB & j in truck.
thats hysterical, wish i could have been there to see your reaction jess.

However, just was listening to the radio and umm its 58 degrees rite now!

Do yourself a favor and set some traps in your truck. I found a dead mouse in mine back in the fall (must have gotten in from a bag of garbage that was in my garage and transported to the end of my driveway). I knew it was there from the smell and found it on the floor in back. Thought the problem was solved, but the smell got worse, to eventually unbearable before fading over the course of a couple of months. Turns out there was a second mouse somewhere in the dash - I never found it, but it was a bit disconcerting when I would turn on my front defroster and a bunch of flies would come out. That lasted a couple of weeks.

My point - if you saw one, there are likely more that will eventually die and make your truck smell like an occupied casket. I speak from experience.

yeh, do try to get rid of the cridders. They can do more harm than chew TP.

I had several families of mice in my car once, but in the engine compartment. First they started chewing the gas lines, causing that light to go on. Apparently the gas lines taste like cheese in german cars. Then they built a nest on top of the nice warm fuel pump which by the way is partialy submerged in the gas tank for cooling. When my car stopped running, I found the whole petrified and charred mouse family, and $$$$$ to repair.

Now I have traps, moth balls and the sonic distracter. Still to this day I have electrical shorts and the service department says stuff like ... "strange but the whole wire harness had like little knaw markes in it"

So, out with the cridders!
wow...very interesting before this post i have never heard of mice acting like gremlins. Those lil evil bastards!

I jus woke and i guess i have decided im going to post pics with everything. Its gonna be a long day. But atleast im gettin a good laugh out of it!
Mice are only good for one thing...feeding snakes.I cant stand the little guys.The year i was in the academy my house was being resided in the winter,and a family of them got in my attic...every night i would hear them scamppering across the rafters...back & forth,til about 4am.Then i would have to wake up at 5 am for PT.I hate em!
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