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Ok, I'm officially starting to freak and I'm in dire need of a pep rally.

I'm leaving tomorrow for the longest ride of my life... from Boston to New York. It's a century on Friday(I know I can do that), another on Saturday(That's gonna hurt), followed by 70 miles through the Berkshires on Sunday(Shall I rip my legs off now?). It sounded like a great idea when I signed up for it and I'm doing it for a noble cause(The guy in the picture is a friend of mine, Eric Lowen, and he's battling ALS) but what was I thinking?!!

So, send me your best suggestions, well wishes, support and funeral home recommendations... I think I'll need 'em all!


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Make sure you eat and drink on the bike, dont cramp up from going to hard or you'll be shot for the upcoming days. Dont treat it like a race. Good luck!


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She's a lucky man? When did that happen?

Good luck dude! The best advice I can give is to not start drinking until after the 3rd day.


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Good luck!!!!!

Keep thinking happy thoughts and get some songs stuck in your head! Tell your self it's for a noble cause. When it's all over it'll all be worth it.
just don't :puke: :D


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Good luck and keep a positive mindset. When I start getting tired I chant over and over "pain is weakness leaving the body" to a beat that I create by the cadence. I know, but it works.


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On the road again...

:)Do you think I have forgotten you... :DOh yea good luck!!! Heres a little tip whens there just you and you're wheels just keep them spinning with an annoying song, Two of course!! peace stay safe

P.s. cant delete on old email messages on this site so just write back on here

Youz guyz make me smile.:)

I certainly do appreciate that... keep 'em coming!


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Ugh!! Traffic was HORRIBLE!!
Just got to Boston.
I'm looking at 5 hrs to sleep and off I go.
Good thing I'm used to sleep deprivation.

Anyway, I do feel better about the tour, more confident. Thanks to all your great words. If I'm able to get access tomorrow, I'll let you know how day 1 went.

Keep the good vibes coming!!



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Best of luck on the ride, Sandie.

My father-in-law passed from ALS about 1.5 years ago after a 5 year battle. 'Has to be one of the most horrific diseases there is.

Boston to NY is a fitting ride. My father-in-law competed in both the Boston and NY marathons many times. He was still knocking down 5-8 miles per day at age 59 when diagnosed.

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