Yet another saddle cream??


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The name alone is worth the cost of admission.

"Q: Will Taint Paint bring a fine sheen to my dogs coat?

A: Maybe? Taint Paint does not engage animal testing. All product testing is done in a controlled cleanroom environment on physically active homeless people, on treadmills."

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the logo is excellent and some really funny verbage on here...

J, have you been posting before you go surfing lately? 3:30AM?


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The question is - is he posting after he gets up or before going to bed?


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this is priceless. i've been considering a taint solution and it appears these fine chaps may have earned my $$. i mean, look at all the stuff it helps with:

Mechanic’s ass
Trucker’s Butt
Chaped Chode
Torn up Taint
Athlete’s Chafe

@sshole Casserole
Diaper Rash (Both Infant and Elderly)
Farmer’s Crack
Swamp @ss (Swass) and Crotch

Over Sexed Grundel
Raw Booty
Niagra Balls
Tender Haunches

And any other rubbed or sore area.


Shop: Halter's Cycles
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"I love it how it feels, how dry it leaves me, my dog even loves the taste!A++"
-Jardley T

"Not only did your product save my taint from rotting away, but it got rid of that rash thats been haunting me since I was 5"
-Darren W.

"It soothes and prevents for hours on end. One swipe and i'm good!"
-Kyle S.

"Wow! My gooch is now dryer than the Sahara Desert. Thanks Taint Paint!"
-Kyle A.

"Ever since I started using Taint Paint the swelling on my irritated taint has gone away, and now I'm rockin' an extra visible inch on my penis!!"
-Leo B.

"I was working on a sweltering hot day. If I didn't have taint paint handy, my haunches would be a close representation of Mordor."
-Keith E.

"Taint paint is the best and my wife loves the taste! It's not chalky like some other products"
- Sean S.


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it almost seems like a joke. anything with the term "assh*le casserole" has got to be real though. i will add a term to the list" GUICHE QUICHE"-COPYRIGHT MEANIRISHGUY 2008


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Q: What is a taint?

A: The taint, also known as the perineum in the medical field, is the patch of skin between the genitals and the anus. On a man, it’s the area between the sack and the crack, and on a woman its the area between the giney and the heinie. During certain activities, or just from stress alone, this area can become sore, and chaffed. When this happens, the taint has transformed into what we in the industry like to call the angry inch, and a calmative is needed – hence Taint Paint.

Awesome! I used bag balm tonight, stuck great in the rainy pissy weather. I think bag balm is all I ever need for my taint, but I would definately buy taint paint for the name alone. I would be awesome when friends do the old "closet peek" while using my bathroom and see a jar of taint paint front and center on the shelf.
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