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Hey everyone! New guy here to the site, but not to riding. I've been lurking here for a while and have finally decided to come out and post:eek:

I have been mtb-ing since 1991, but then started running more than biking about 8 years ago. Well this year after a freak fall of a ladder that caused 3 bones in my foot to break, I got back on the bike. I forgot just how much fun it is!

Long story short, most of the people I used to ride with don't ride anymore, so I'm looking for new people to ride with. I'm still a bit slow and a bit timid, since it hurts my foot like a motherf-er to unclip from my pedals, but I'll get there!



Wet Rag
I'm still a bit slow and a bit timid, since it hurts my foot like a motherf-er to unclip from my pedals, but I'll get there!

I've never used them personally but maybe Speedplay Frogs would be a good option with all the float and resistance free unclipping? I guess the Bebop pedals would be similar but I've never seen those in person.


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Never unclip.

yeah what he said. i never upclip either. i have a ton of scratches on my floor in my house from my pedals still attached my my cleats that are still attached to my feet. its difficult to learn to walk on em. but practice make perfect.


never unclip, and......

In '91 (or about then) I had a sweet Haro "EXTREME" that weighed about thirty pounds and had the Shimano STX group on it. It also had this sweet front suspension called the Girwin Flex Stem.... Tell me some peeps remembeer that stuff. Welcome to the site Newb-sauce, from Lawrenceville, I smell 6-mile run callin ya!!!!


I guess I could never unclip, but then it be kinda hard walking around with a bike between my legs.

Yeah I still have my old steel hard tail Mongoose with the STX group on it...weighs a ton but still is a good beater bike.

Spencer...Na, I was 20 when I started, I'm 36 now...I'm not that old.

Brian Snyder

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Welcome to the spot man. I think you will find many rides, of all levels here. Hope to ride with you soon. Actualy,.. I would love to ride anywhere, with anyone at this point. See you on the trails.


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holy piss, 36 is ancient. welcome aboard! I live in your area but am antisocial except in online environments.

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hey new guy. welcome aboard. remember to spell all of your words correctly and use proper punctuation at all times. :rofl: lot of cool people to ride with here and a know a bunch that are slow like me and you.
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