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Mike from Middletown here. Saw your kits at Woods Hollow on Saturday. Mostly a Cat 4 loser roadie these days but thought I might do a few mtn bike races this fall before cross season starts. I know a few people here. ChrisG has been beating me up in the woods when we encounter each other for about 14 years (jeebus, we're old). JohnA and I see each other on the road.

I rode the same Merlin Mtn for 12 years before my wife bought me an Asylum OCD 29er about 2 years ago. The Merlin will be a SS soon. Also have a Gunnar Crosshairs and 3 road bikes (train, race, vintage). Getting slightly out of control.



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Welcome to the hood. See you and you're sketchy friend out on the cross circuit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Just kidding;)


PS-Yes, you guys are old...


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Nice to see you here. Perhaps our rides will be slightly less random now.:D
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