Yet Another (Less) Smart Trainer for Sale! $175 OBO


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Made you look! 🤪

Selling for a friend not on the forum who would like to avoid the random FB freaks.

anyway yep this one is less smart because it’s a wheel on trainer. Hasn’t been used much the last 2-3 years at all.

Includes everything you see except he lost the user manual but that’s easily available online.

he’s got some room on the price but I wont let him give it away. If I didn’t have my current not so smart old school Magnus wheel on trainer I’d buy it from him myself.

Porch Pickup in Flanders/Roxbury area.


I have this exact trainer, it's very solid. Connects to Zwift and other training programs easily via bluetooth or ANT+ and isn't too bad noise wise for an on-wheel trainer. It's limited in its flywheel to about 8-10% grade emulation but I find it's plenty for a good workout. GLWS
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