Yellow blaze ride 8-12-15


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Just rode the all terrain bike trail (yellow blaze) at Wells Mills this afternoon after work. It was really fun and a good workout. All the rain yesterday helped pack down the sand a bit. There are a lot of roots on the trail...mostly on ascents and descents, making for some fun/technical downhills and fun climbs. The back side of the park on the trail (by the bridges) wasn't too bad at all. Thought it would have been wetter than what it was. However, there are two trees back there that my handlebars barely fit through. The bridges are also too high to jump up if you aren't good at jumping, so I'd like to see if I can put some dirt in front of them to ramp up onto them. I'd also like to see if I can take care of those trees that may trap you as riding through. I'll have to check with the Parks Department.
No ticks today. Was really a fun ride. Can't wait til I get my new 29er and take it there...the bigger wheels will help with the roots.