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Yakima Q Stretch Kit.
Purchased in the fall of 2004 this is used in conjunction with Q towers for coupes.
MSRP New: $130.00 asking $50
I currently live in PA and would rather not ship this item. However I will be in the New Brunswick area the weekend of November 14th as well northern NJ over Thanksgiving weekend. I can arrange for a drop off then.

Q Clips 115
Four Used Q Clips 115, purchased in the Fall of 2004. They are off of a 2005 Honda Civic. I can't find a complete car list but if you look on Yakima's website you can see if they are compatible with yours.
MSRP New: $70, asking $20.
I can arrange for a dropoff as mentioned above or will ship for $5.

Any questions let me know.
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