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Hey all, Winter is hear but were is the snow.. I bought XC skis last year in hopes for snow but none.. if your a XC'er do you know of any near by places other then High Point to take these puppys out.. I got to ride these before the spring thaw.


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Hi Ry - I XC ski also, but have not been out this either. I usually ski bushwack style in Wawayanda or Harriman, but those need close to a foot of snow because of rocks. If we should get 4 inches or so, I hit the local county golf course. Snow gods are not with us this year.

If you are lookibg for a groomed track for skate ski, there is Minewauska and Fahnstock, both NY state parks that groom a track if there is natural snow. Mohonk House grooms too, and has 40 miles. I have not been, but have heard good things about Garnet Hill in the Adirondacks.

Happy trails, by bike or ski!



Thanks Pixi, I will keep the fingers crossed to go out.. I have some golf courses near by so i will keep them in mind if we get SOMTHING. Later.


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I started XC skiing a few years ago. I've had a good time at several Monmouth County Parks; Huber, Thompson and Holmdel. High Point is pretty nice with a section of ungroomed trails and another section of very groomed trails. Mohonk is huge! I plan to try Hartshorne if we get enough snow and maybe even the beach. I wish I got backcountry skis instead of touring, but they are still fun off the trails.
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