WTB: Skateboards 70's, 80's, and 90's


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Found this browsing YouTube what an awesome video of the whole Bones Brigade era! Not going to lie I had a tear or two in my eyes a few times especially the ending. And FYI there's an F-bomb here and there if the kids are around.

Lance Mountain got me in that ending commentary.

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I still have mine from 1984-85. Used, but basically in original condition. I hung out at the hobby store in Oxford Valley Mall, PA and when I got it built, every guard available was installed. Nose, tail, truck, rails... Big, soft wheels for rolling over the crappy sidewalks in my apartment complex (and even some light dirt paths). I dug it out of my attic to get a picture of it. Looks like almost 30 years of extreme heat cycles haven't done the plastic much good.


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