WTB: Mavic Freehub, SRAM Cassette


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Looking for:

-> Mavic M10/M11 Road Freehub Body (Shimano/SRAM Compatible), requisite spacer(s) to run 10sp cassette a plus if M11

-> SRAM 10sp cassette, prefer PG-1050 (10-26) or similar range...beggars can't be choosers

Bonus points if you have both.
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Think I have an 11-28.
It's either 1050 or 1070.
Let me check when I get home.
May have slightly used and new in box. Def have the used fo sho.


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I have both.
Brand new in box PG1070 11-28. $50

Used for maybe 3/4 race season, on race wheels only, PG1070 11-28.
Great condition $25

Let me know which one you want.
The used one is clean, cause wax not lube on chainz.
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