wtb. dirt jumper


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looking for a new bike. like the look of the dirt jumper bikes.
looking for front suspension and front brakes.
im 5'11 so need a frame to fit.
lmk if you know of any for sale or where in jersey i can find one new, but at decent price. not really wanting to spend 1000 on bike right now.
plan is to ride with my son, and mess around on streets when hes not around.


Shop: Eurocycle
Shop Keep
dirt jumper

I have a Complete bike for sale that sounds what you are looking for. Its a Azonic Steelhead, fox front fork, hope hubs and sun rims, disc brakes. Let me know if you are interested.



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^^How much for that steel head? IIRC you wanted like 110% of what it cost new 35 years ago.
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