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Hi folks, This past Wednesday night I had a wonderful opportunity to learn more about WSD which is Women Specific Design bikes. A lot of bike companies are Finally realizing that some women need a different fit to truely enjoy biking. Town Cycles had invited the Trek WSD specialist Julie Kramer to talk about why WSD is different. Julie had a lot of information and some cool examples to show us. It was a fun evening discussing biking with 10 other women that were roadies and mountain bikers. Some were new it the sport, while some of us were racers. There was food, drinks, a raffle, and a goodie bag for everyone. It was a big surprise since I thought it was going to be informal. (mountainbiker type: show up, drink a beer, talk about bikes) It was a fun evening. So, I have a thought. If anyone learns of a clinic that involves bikes in any way, lets get to posting it. I'm going to email trek bikes for their WSD clinic schedule for next year. The more the merrier and think of the new biking friends you will have. Get out and ride, Jess
Hey Jess,
Julie was at the mtn bike camp in West Viginia 2 weeks ago. We had an awesome time. She was there for her own enjoyment, not to work. If I remember correctly, she will be at Brielle Cyclery later this year. I was going to invite her on an Allaire ride, if she's in town long enough.
You were right about Sue Haywood, too. She's a great person. Talk to you soon.
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