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Huge props....did it hold bottles?!

(not my pic, cred to bulldog fm WMBA)



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Huge props....did it hold bottles?!

I'll take credit for Shaniqua. She's been hangin out in my basement.

She even managed to podium.

Then Fred and Jim decided to celebrate.
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Looks like she's trying to play hide the The real question is where was she blown up? I would have laughed my butt off if I came around a corner and saw someone blowing that up as I rode by... :rofl: If it was preinflated - way to go - you just carpooled :D

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Unfortunately, I didn't make it far enough with Shaniqua to see if she had any other holes, I think next time me and Fred are gonna have to put her on the rotisserie ;)



Dam, I went to Diablo and look what I missed out on. Jim, I would have been your bottle bitch in exchange for some time with Shaniqua. Some alone time though, I don't trust Fred. :rofl:


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Hopefully Ben will share the transportation story with you all. I thought it was quite funny.


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Hopefully Ben will share the transportation story with you all. I thought it was quite funny.

Shiniqua is a product of JimV's discussion about a bottle feeding apparatus. Someone suggested a doll. I decided to run with it.

I was hoping to find something more discrete at PartyFair and Party City but they didn't have anything. I ended up at some Adult Novelty store in Bordentown. Credit goes to Fred (AoN) for the name "Shaniqua".

She was brought to life via a Floor pump in my basement.

Fred and I car-pooled to the race with Shaniqua in the back seat. When we arrived, I rode through the start area with her under my arm. This prompted some interesting comments. A woman was a bit spooked thinking I had an actual person under my arm. I didn't want to spoil the family atmosphere so I rode up the course a few hundred yards and bungied her to a tree. Fred went and retrieved her after the race. He was gone for a while though. ;)



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just to be a fly on the wall and see the reactions must have been the best... :)


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I almost crapped myself when i saw her hanging in the tree! :rofl: Good thing it was on my warmup and not in the race!!!
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