World Record Motorcycle Jump ...


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damnnn! Very nicely done. He almost makes it look easy. The ramp setup must have taken a lot of thought - look how much he overshot it and still rode it off smoothly.


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He's smart about it. Just took dune jumping to the next level by adding a ramp. God that is nuts though, I have done ~85 feet on my 450 and that was quite enough for me. I cant imagine hitting a ramp at 98mph


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That's madness...

I remember when Seth racked himself good going for the world record jump & that was what, 248' or something like that?

Can't believe how much farther it's gotten since then, I think that was back in 2001.


And guys watch his suspension when he lands, he didn't bottom out at all. That was a very well thought out jump. Imagine if there was a cross wind!
I have been blown off landings at Raceway Park because of cross winds

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