women's weekend at Ray's MTB

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hey, Xpost this from the DirtRag website. Would anyone be interested in going? Not getting any younger, so it would be a great opportunity to learn some skills in the dead of winter!

Dirt Rag Sponsors Women's Weekend at Ray's MTB
by Karen Brooks
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Poster art by John Hinderliter
Dirt Rag and Ray's MTB are teaming up to host a Women's Weekend at Ray's Indoor Park in Cleveland, Ohio, February 22–24. This will be a great opportunity for women to come out and learn some new skills from the pros, try out some new bikes, and have a great time mountain biking indoors in the dead of winter.

The weekend kicks off Friday, February 22nd with a women-only day of skills clinics from pros including GT's 4-Cross and BMX star, Jill Kintner. To show off what new technology can do for your technical ability, demo bikes will be available from Trek, GT, and Giant. Swag from SRAM, Dirty Girls and WTB will go to lucky participants, free lunch will be provided by Subaru, and to cap off the day, Pabst Blue Ribbon will be there with refreshments and the band Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival will throw a rockabilly hoedown.

The guys will be let back into Ray's on Saturday and Sunday, but women will get in for free, to try out their new skills on Ray's 97,000 square feet of indoor mountain biking fun. Ray's has it all, including beginner, sport and expert mountain biking sections, a pump track, Jump Camp, and much more.

For more information visit raysmtb.com, or email rays@dirtragmag.com


Indoor freeride park?

Looks like a freeride park ... pedaling an option

Fallgirl ...:p


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Sounds great I would LOVE to go but I'm on an adventure trip to Iquitos Peru at that time. If you go, I want to hear about it. Wish me luck with the scary insects!!


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if you go, I'd like to hear all about it. . . since I have relatives in that area I might be able to coordinate a trip there at another time. I hope you do go because I checked it out and it looks like a great place to hone your skills!
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