womens saddle rec


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Happy Friday ladies!

Do you have any women specific saddles recommendations?

Now that the Mrs is spending more time on the saddle, anything is better than her current.

Any in the parts bin?


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Personally I use a WTB Pure saddle for my mtb and have for years. It’s not women specific but it works well for me.


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i actually prefer LESS cushion and less width. There is a bontrager saddle where you sit on a mat to determine your exact sit-bone width and they give you a saddle based on that width. In general, I find the more material on the seat the more saddle sores I get in the crooks of legs.


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I have the same preference as muddy bike. Soft saddles feel good at first, but any longer rides will cause issues. I think everyone is different, and most will have to find what is best for them. Sit bone width is a good start to get in the width ball park. If your bike shop can't help you with that equation, here is an video of how to find the right width saddle:



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i'm actually going thru the finding a new saddle nightmare myself (for the bike on the trainer)... definitely leaning towards narrower and a little cushion... it's been not fun so far. BUT i might have some saddles for sale in the near future!


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Yea kind of a silly OP question as I know everyone is different but looking for where to start. I scored a open box Terry saddle deal from eBay. We will start from there. Terry saddles has always intrigued me.


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I rode the Pro Stealth saddle for a few seasons and had pretty good luck with it. I’ve recently switched to the Specialized Power with Mimic saddles.