Womens Road Racing Clinic/Race? Any interest?


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I posted this in the roadie forum, but I thought I should post it here too...

I am the race director of the Rutgers Cycling Team and I have received a few requests for holding a woman's race during our circuit race on March 8th at Rutgers.

We are interested in holding a woman's race/clinic which will take on the format of our collegiate intro races. There will be 1 coached lap of the circuit course, in which the pack will ride with 3 or 4 coaches who will go over basic racing tactics and answer questions. After the coached lap, there will be a race, and the coaches will ride along with the pack and ride along with anyone who gets dropped.

We are very interested in growing woman's cycling in central NJ, and we would love to hold this event on March 8th. The cost for the race and clinic will be $15, and we will hold the event as long as we get around 5 women to sign up.

If there is any interest, please let me know by posting here or emailing me at racedirector@rutgerscycling.com.

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