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anyone ride this place or know the trail system? i am headed down to philly next weekend to see coldplay in concert and meet up with my sister who lives in down there. I was hoping on checking out Wiss, Ive had a look at the PHILLYMTB site, so thats a start..but any other 411 on the trails would be appreciated.

thanks in advance



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i used to ride here every tuesday,when make delirveries to chinatown.
it's a cool 12mile loop if u riding from the park entrance,..but if u riding from downtown philly around 20mile.
this is a largest inner city in america so they say.

the trails marked very well,...lots of climb/downhill as weel depending on wich way you're started the ride.
there's a climb section (switchback climb) about 4 times turn(switchback) to climb this rocky little hill(or down if you coming from other direction)

you can ride this trail vice versa.



say hi,...to lenape indian chief if you happen to ride this trails.:)
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