Wissahickon Valley Park, Philly, PA


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Weekdays, parking at Valley Green Inn shouldn't be a problem getting a parking spot. But I agree with @KenS . Parking at the United artist movie theater in Manayunk puts you at the southern end of the park. Great location for getting off and back on I76.
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I tried parking at United last week but was scared off by all the signs that say if you're not a customer, you'll get towed. I ended up using the small lot on Lincoln.
When I was there recently, I parked in front of the defunct restaurant supply shop that's in the same building as Cadence. I spent a few bucks at Candence that day so I figured/hoped parking in their lot would be ok. Also, the BBQ across the street hit the spot after the ride. It was a fun trip overall and would do it again.


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Got off my planned route a few times and had to cut the ride short, but some great singletrack there and some very challenging climbs. Beautiful area, and would be also be fun to do the rail trail with kids. Was pretty crowded but everyone was cool so not a problem.

Solid loop. Definitely some good stuff that was missed. Early bird avoids the crowd on weekends.


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Yeah my plan was to get all of white and all of yellow but the signage is confusing and I kept getting off track. Unfortunately the timing wasn't up to me, I had a window. But would go back if I had the chance, super fun place.