wissahickon mtb trail philadelphia?



Has anyone riddin here. ive heard that its an awesome place by fasterthanliam. i would like to check it out this weekend so if anyone has been there and would like to ride it on saturday/ sunday and give me a tour of the place that would be awesome


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Stick it, monkey boy.

I'll get there - I'm currently revamping the existing trails section which should be done by COB August...or so. Then we can discuss Blue, Stewart, and Wissawhateveritscalled.


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It is a decent ride, worth the trip if you're not too far. It's kind of novel since the park is literally in the city of Philly, so it's one of the more unique places to ride. Hilly & rocky terrain. You'll get a good workout here although I forget how long the trail is. Maybe 15 miles I'm guessing.
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