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I just took my son to see Wintuk. It was a really good show. They had some guys riding trials bikes. Really good stuff. Also, there might have been an extremely flexible woman in a bodysuit with some hula hoops. But the trials biking was great:)


We saw it too!

We bought tickets to take the kids to see Wintuk last year in December. I've seen many Cirque Du Soleil shows, so I bought the tickets without even checking into it. I was really bummed when it started getting bad reviews! I started thinking maybe I wasted a-lot of money.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. We REALLY enjoyed it!

However, it is not your typical Cirque show, which is what I think people expected, hence the bad reviews.

What did you think of the lampposts??? That was my daughter's favorite part. :eek:

And, of course, my husband and my teenage boy still talk about the hula hoop chick. ;)


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The other Cirque shows I've seen on tv. They were all good. More for adults, though. This one is definitely family friendly.

I hardly noticed the lamp posts. My son loved the dogs. I liked the part where the woman was spinning inside the big hoop. I was sitting there thinking: heads, tails, heads, tails...
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