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JORBA: Ringwood
It's about half way through winter, and I'm sure some of you are at least thinking about going some place warm to ride. .... Moab? Arizona? Mexico? Got a trip planned? Maybe share some ideas, post some pictures.


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i'm going to alaska next month. does that count? it'll be warm inside my -40 rated down sleeping bag.


JORBA: Ringwood
I'm heading out to Tucson again for a week with some teammates.

These are foothills in the Catalina Mtns on the back side of Mt Lemon.






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I hope to try South Mountain up by Tempe one day.
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monkey boy

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Headin' off to Peru on the 13th for LaClassica Diaz.
I will post pix when I get back

Raffle tickets are still available at Cycle Craft or
I will be at Jungle Habitat Saturday morning for some diggin' and will have tickets with me.
$10 for a chance at a Cannondale roadie isn't to bad. And supporting the event adds to the good Karma

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I'm off

to Moab! It will be my first time, but I'm going with some veteran Moab bikers and some old teammates. Going April 11th to the 19th,....anyone want to join in?
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