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Looking for a new winter jacket. Checking out the Gore Tool jacket. Anyone out there every ride with this? Seems nice. Looking for something that is warm, wind proof, I can wear it over a wool shirt. Says its got pit zips which is a huge plus. Thanks.


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I have the GORE Phantom jacket and it is great. I wear it into the teens on the road with just a craft baselayer. The sleeves unzip and it becomes a vest but I think I did that once. JDog mentioned in another thread that the tool jacket is warmer than the Phantom. The windstopper fabric is amazing. Note that the gore jackets are almost too warm for the trails, especially if there is a bunch of climbing. I won't wear mine on the trails until it is below 20.

All of Gore's stuff is really nice.

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The Gore Tool jacket is an absolutly awesome jacket. I bought one 2 months back and love it. With just a baselayer I can wear it into the teens. The pit zips are great and the 3 jersey style pockets allow a battery for your night rides! Simply the BEST jacket for under $200.


Do any of the local North Jersey Bike shops cary the Gore jackets or is it a Campmore or Ramsey type of thing ?


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I just went with the Tool. Ordered it through REI, had a 20% off coupon so that helped. Worse case scenario if I dont like, too hot, whatever, I'll send it back. has always been my site of choice, online support is fantastic and they usually have free shipping. Thanks for the help fellas.


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FYI - The windstopper jackets from EMS and REI go on really big sales after the holiday. I got a nice windstopper jacket from EMS for $40 last year. It has rubbery sleeves too for abrasion.
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