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Since it's pretty slow around here, figure I'll throw this out to see what people are doing with their bikes this winter. This is a good time to learn how to pull apart your bike, repack a hub, rebuild a fork, etc. For me this is what I've got going:

* The SS bike. I just took it off the trainer because I want to use it over the winter. The fork on it is an old Rox Shox which has about 2 MM of travel if I had to guess. It'll do the job but I think I want to look for a rigid to put on it. I also have a wider set of bars I'm going to put on. I need to shorter the chain because it was on the trainer with a bigger ring on the front. I have a Singulator on it which I haven't used "in the field" yet.

* The hardtail. The Manitou Black fork needs a stiffer spring, but I don't know if they make them anymore. I see some out there but I don't know how to tell if it's the right thing or not. I think I'm also going to put mechanical discs on it even though some people say to go straight to hydros. The cash concerns are keeping me looking at the mechanical discs. Maybe an eBay used set for now, Avid BB 7s I think.

* The FS needs more fork work - yes that same fork that's been a problem all year. John at CW wasn't able to fix it and he's stumped. So I may need to send it back to Fox. I also want to buy the Mavic SLR wheelset and the mechanicals on the hardtail mean I could use it on both. Before spring I'll need to replace the drivetrain on this as well.

* The road bike is doing well. I have a new set of Shimano 105 brakes that are waiting to go on. The ones on now are originals, like 7-8 years old now and a bit over the hill. I also have a new chain but I may have waited too long and might need new rings and cassette.

What do the rest of you guys have going on?
I've got lots planned and i hoped to accomplish at least one thing.

I recently made my regular trail/race bike into a 1x9 for the winter. Simpler, quieter, lighter, more clearance and no damn front derailleur issues. Love it. Well, I love it now that I've added chain guides after losing my chain 25 times on one ride. We'll see if this is a winter only fling.

Also for the regular bike (IH Azure) is my xmas present -- a new wheelset. Still not completely set which but it will most likely be a custom set of Olympics with Hopes. Really excited. Might need some ear plugs to go with the Hopes.

I was going to build up an SS this winter. 'Zoller made that a bit easier. I pick up his old steel bike one night this week.

Buy a cheap road/cross bike for training. With the new wheelset this may not happen but hopefully I'll find a good used bike. There's a cross bike for sale on here but I think 54 might be too big.

Push does Rockshox forks now so one thing for next race season will be to get the Reba all juiced up. That's it!
Nothing planned here...:D

I'll just keep riding as much as I can.

I guess I could try to take apart my Manitou Black Shock and try to service it, but knowing me, I'll probably just let it sit there collecting dust.
i'm a personal winter project. bionic man type stuff. better, stronger, faster, blah, blah, blah. fooey.

the mary is going to get a new stem/handlebar set up and likely a new seatpost. i'm not going to fool around with the reba until spring.

my trek, oh that lovely and apparently useless bike, will likely get stripped of parts and put on ebay as frame/fork and wheel set. the components, all of which are still a-ok will be treated to a good cleaning with WD40 (or some more earth friendly pedro's goo) then placed in a box until project 29 come to fruition. or i may put the hayes hyros on ms. mary. i don't know. decisions, decisions.

finally, my specialized. the bastard, redheaded stepchild of my bikes. i had every intention of selling this thing but the more i look at it, the more i think it will be fun to convert it into a tool around/ SS dirt jumper. hell, all i need are pedals, why not?

other than that, i guess nada. spend the money i was going to put into bikes/stuff for the wife and kids on the freaking boiler in my basement that is going to die and cost me $4500.
Let's see...

The Trance X1 is new and needs nothing...

The backup Trance could definitely stand to use a tune up -- complete disassembly, cleaning, touch-up painting, etc. I may even rebuild the Reba for 115mm, etc.

The Monocog 29er -- maybe new brake pads.

The Giant OCR Road bike -- a good cleaning to get that road grime off.

Those are just my bikes -- I still have Dawn's bikes and my nephew's bikes to adjust, clean, repair, replace grips, etc.

Oh, and I can't forget, I'll be working on the model railroad in the basement -- yep, that's right! I'm a geek -- And no, I don't wear an engineer's cap. :D
Hmmmm, lots planned but all depends on funding. Mostly upgrading for me instead of rebuilding.

- With the Cannondale Rush I hope to upgrade to Crossmax SLRs, I'm also debating ditching the lefty and going for a fox 32F with 100mm travel. Additionally would like to upgrade the rear shock to an RP23 and rear to a SRAM X.0. When all is done and said I could buy a new bike for cheaper though :(

- With the Single Speed I'm getting a hand-me-down Manitou fork to replace the hand-me-down Rock Shock Judy I have on it now. Maybe I'll go from 20 mm effective travel to 30 mm. Debating getting a crossland wheelset for it so then I can run an old avid BB7 disk break in the front. The Truvativ SS crankset for sale on Pricepoint right now is oh so tempting too.

- On the snowbike I hope to build a better front ski mount so there isn't so much ski chatter.

- I'm also going to start building a box and maybe a rail soon so I can get a backyard mini park going for skiing on.
I have a new cross frame at the shop awaiting payment so i can build that up. That should be started very soon. It will be pretty sweet outfitted w/ dura ace 9 speed drivetrain and some other bling. Its gonna be sweet.

I also will be working on a SS CX bike which will also be used on the road as a fixie. Or if i find some more money that i dont have, ill actually get a fixed gear. Like a Giant or something.
Jeez, when I started riding again in late summer after my decade plus bike resbit, I got a little excited and did a bunch o' stuff I should've left for the winter.

- After years of sitting in the basement, I tore my '93 Stumpy apart and cleaned/lubed/adjusted everything. Upgraded the brakes too. Yes, the "old school" center pull cantilevers are gone. 'Put a set of Avid Arch Rivals on it; oh-my-god! Damn near pitched myself over the bars the first time I grabbed the brake. Even stronger feeling than the BB7 discs on my 5-spot. I also put a set of slicks on it too--so it is more of a commuter/road bike now. 'Been thinking about throwing the dirt tires back on it and making it a SS, but I have junk knees and 'am thinking that isn't a good idea :hmmm:

- My Torelli road bike has gotten the disassembly/clean/lube/adjust treatment. I'd love to get rid of the early nineties STI/Ultegra 600 stuff (always hated 'em) and upgrade\update to something else, but 'can't justify the $$ this winter (maybe next).

- This winter the 5-spot is getting:

1. A new saddle. Trying a Serfas Performance RX...s/b interesting.

2. Upgrading to Kool-stop pads and a 185 mm front rotor (I'm on the bottom-edge of clydesdale weight). I would *like* to upgrade to Formula K24s, but I just bought the Turner (used) and have spent more than I probably should've on bikes recently. If I go ahead and upgrade anyway, I'll have a set of BB7s for ya' Norm.

3. Putting a Mavic 819 on the back. 'Will be visiting our friends at Cycle Works in a few weeks to get her laced up. Currently have a 823 on the back (819 front) and my OCD self would prefer 819s both ends. Plus, I think the 823 is overkill (and heavy) for what I do. 'Will probably have the guys at CW service the hubs too...dunno' if I wanna' buy a couple hundred dollars worth of tools to service the Chris Kings...

4. Doing a seal service on my Vanilla R forks. Enduro seals w/a mix of medium and heavy weight Redline Synthetic. Throwing in heavier springs too (current setup is for folks a lot skinnier than I). Hopefully this will make the forks happy...or I might *have* to grab a Revelation or something off e-bay...

5. Already threw a set of Ergon GR2's on it. 'Love these things.

Hmmm...'think that is 'bout it...

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Always enjoy seeing your avatar. Takes me back. I graduated from the University of Oregon...a.k.a. Faber College. 'Watched 'em tear down Animal House (it was really a co-op) in 1986. 'Friends called me Blutto and more than once the scene in front of the old Administration building (prior to the horse gag) was re-enacted by a drunken Tim..always drew a crowd...ahh memories..

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I graduated from the University of Oregon...a.k.a. Faber College. 'Watched 'em tear down Animal House (it was really a co-op) in 1986. 'Friends called me Blutto and more than once the scene in front of the old Administration building (prior to the horse gag) was re-enacted by a drunken Tim..always drew a crowd...ahh memories..Tim

That's cool. I didn't know the film was shot there.

If I could go back to school I promise I would learn something this time. And get laid more.
When the magic money falls out of the sky this winter:

1. Thru-axle fork and stiffer wheelset for the 29er. I'm too much man for that poor Reba and those narrow bonty race wheels. Whichever route I go, it should incorporate some tasteful orange ano to match my orange King headset.

2. Rebuild the wheels on my freeride bike. The Dual Duty FR rims have taken a beating over the past 3 seasons, and it's time to put them to bed. Saint hubs have recently been serviced, and will be laced to some 823's. Hello tubeless. I can't wait to drop nearly a pound a wheel by not having to use heavy DH tubes that weigh a pound apiece.

3. Wider bars. Mainly on the Uzzi VPX, but possibly on the 29er as well. Sunline V One bars now clock in at 29"s wide. I will be adding one to the Uzzi this winter.
Giant Reign
-Moderate disassembly. Check and clean headset, check and clean (possibly replace) bottom bracket, give a good cleaning to the whole drivetrain.
-Replace chain.
-Ditch granny ring and front derailleur. Thinking to go with an MRP chain guide/bash ring system. Too many chain drops at Diablo.

Surly Steamroller (currently completely disassembled as of last week)
-Powdercoat frame, fork, crank assembly, hubs.
-New headset (not sure what to get - liked the new Crank Bros. ones, but they have a Spring 08 release)
-New seat. Something that doesn't bruise my taint after a long ride.
-New hoops! I have no clue what to get - something not expensive, 32 hole, silver, and built well. Had Alex DA22s. Bent the lip on one in a crash.
-New chain
-Good cleaning for all other pieces.
I will be taking my time swapping parts from my Haro Mary SS Frame onto a new Niner One9 frame.
-The Scale will be replaced by a Spark. Just swappin' parts.

-The SS will get a new wheel set, and maybe new tires.

-The roadie is 'making the leap' and giving force a test run

and that's about it :)
i've got winter project out the wazu...... :D

#1: Bamboo frame

#2: spd compatible 'pac' boots

#3: sleeping bag/pad rack(light, low profile) for front of bike.

#4: some custom bags(frame, bento-style, small, insulated panniers) for the km for susitna.

#5: really wide rims for the km.

#6: pogies.

#7: new wheels for the rig

#8: converted tubeless on both bikes.

#9: lighten up the rig(bars, seatpost, pedals, maybe cranks, cog, maybe saddle)
i might just go with kris holm unicycle rims, they're 38mm wide, but heavy. i would like wider, but snowcats are no longer being made, and getting two lighter rims cut, welded together, cleaned up and laced would be a hassle.
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