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I was wondering what you guys and girls are wearing to battle the winter weather. I am having a hard time to keep my feet and legs worm.
ok, i am going to go out on the road today, for an hour hoping for 2 but its really really cold today.

here is the laundry list to make it bearable.

helmet beanie

liner gloves
windstoper riding gloves

short sleeve base
long sleeve base
Medium weight base.
Heavy riding jacket wind proof(pearl izumi somthing)


long tights
Windproof tights
2 layers needed today

riding socks
toe warmers
heavy hiking goretex socks
answer kashmeir winter shoes
neoprene shoe covers

i will be barely able to pedal, but i dont feel like sitting on the trainer so i am going to go freeze.

the real problem is how to keep the water from freezing
Well seems like my gear was spot on for the most part.

I was really comfortable out there today. Well almost, my fingers were frozen. I road most of my ride with my hands balled up inside my gloves. Not very easy to hold on to bars or brake this way.

Think its time for some lobsters
today was really cold. i have worn some small holes in the fingertips of my winter gloves, so they didn''t work as well as they used to. really need to get crankin on those pogies... used booties for the first time, and while they are a royal pain to get on, they certainly helped a bit. i was almost entirely on the trails, so i didn't have to deal with the wind as much.

under my helmet, i wore this thin hood that they give you when you race go-karts, it hangs loosely straight down from the temples, so it covers everything really well, including the sides and back of neck. worked great.
I was really comfortable out there today. Well almost, my fingers were frozen. I road most of my ride with my hands balled up inside my gloves. Not very easy to hold on to bars or brake this way.

The Black Diamond gloves are the best biking glove I've ever had. But but but, my fingers are still cold after an hour. They're not so cold that it will stop me from riding. My feet stop me from riding usually. I don't know if you can get a glove that will totally do the job.

Absolutely stay away from Pearl Izumi lobsters. Awful awful awful.

In the end, the only tried & true hand/foot remedy for this kind of weather is plastic shopping bags as liners.
Actually i wont buy another glove for the road bike, too much wind on the hands. going down hill you can really feel the air get to your hands.

Some sort of mit is completely needed. Each time i balled my hands up inside the glove my hands would warm back up.
i have some old trek lobsters that are great. wind/waterproofing is still excellent after 5 years.
the definitive thread on winter shoes - i suggest you read each post carefully. there are many pearls of widom to be found.
I wear one of those Nike baclava things, keeps my balding melon warm, protects ears, throat and face, and when Im done riding, I can rob my local quick mart
Pearl Izumi long sleeve Base layer
Kodiak Jersey
Pearl Izumi wind breaker

Long tights

Heavy socks
Toe Warmers on top of my toes
Another light pair of socks over that
Foot warmer inside the shoes
Lake Winter Mtn Bike Shoes- These are GREAT!!!!

Pearl Izumi Inferno goves with hand warmers

head band around ears
face mask

Rode 2.5 hours at Lewis Morris. Was very comfortable except for my middle finger on each hand. Sometimes I would tuck fingers into palm area to warm up, otherwise very comfortable and warm enough.

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This weekend's fashion report...

In the woods both days this past weekend:

-EMS medium weight wool hiking socks
-Carnac mtb shoes
-DeFeet Slipstream oversocks

-Giordana bibshorts
-Pearl Izumi knee warmers
-Giordana roubaix tights

-Pearl Izumi mesh tank
-generic polypro longsleeve base layer (x2)
-Giordana short sleeve jersey
-Giordana winter jersey
-Giordana wind vest
-Pearl Izumi Amfib gloves (the old, non-gauntlet model)

-Smartwool helmet liner (This thing is awesome, btw. I've used an EMS polypro liner for years now, and been pretty happy with it, but the Smartwool is warmer and still not bulky)

I was comfy-cozy both mornings, except for the ice cream headache I got riding back from Huber to Hartshorne on Sunday morning.
Saturday i rolled of wearing:

Cannondale Carbon Socks
Woolie Boolies
Answer Kashmire shoes
(not 100% warm, but very tolerable)

Descente shorts and leg warmers
Cannondale bib knickers

Under Armour Cold Gear
SS Craft Base layer w/ windblocker thingy
Giordana Winter Jersey
Craft Wind Breaker type Jacket
Pearl Izumi Amfib gloves (same as chris)

Desecente Cold Gear Beanie thing

I was plenty warm...very sweaty
My feet were so HOT

I could barely stand it. Rode Basto/ Wharton State Forrest with JORBA yesterday. Rode for 3 hours 10 minutes, 17 miles on my computer with average HR 140. If we didn't have a meeting I would have done some more.

I work outdoors in the heat and the cold,...damn wind too. All the things you guys posted sound great. I do a lot of the same thing, but I don't use name brands since my work is dirty (diesel pile hammer) and flamible (welding and burning).

I go to the Goodwill and buy wool sweaters that I either wear fully, or cut the sleeves to make arm or leg warmer. I also buy silk dress shirts which make a great base layer. My polypro comes from the PJ section.

At the Scuba Divers Flea market, I by neoprene booties to wear over my sock and inside my shoe. Bags are great too, but since feet sweat; I put cornstarch in my shoe and on my feet first. Neoprene diving gloves are simply awesome although I do prefer my Lobster claws. Fleece woolies are base layers in the dry suits and make great epic ride wear.

Therefore, I'm just a very warm HoBo under that snazzy Teambulldog uniform,...hee hee .
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