winter bike storage


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I keep my bike in our unheated detached garage.

Could this be a problem? Would an aluminum bike get more brittle in the cold possibly leading too problems?

I could store it in my basement, but it would be a kinda of a pain in the ass to get it down there each time (steep stairs and clearance issues).



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Why would you store your bike and not ride it? I keep all my bikes in unheated garage with no problems.


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no I ride it through the winter. by "store it" in the garage I really meant "keep it in the garage".

the idea just occured to me that maybe keeping the bike in the garage in subzero temps might not be the best idea (eg., metal gets brittle in the cold?)


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My bikes stay the winter in an old farm shed, with no windows and snow drifts all winter. I have never thought of the bike failing due to temperature drop. I do plan on putting the stock steel fork back on my mary this weekend because I know that carbon fibre does get brittle, and dont want road salt to destroy it. Bicycle manufaturers must think of this when building a bike, I doubt a company is going to make a for summer only bike.


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I fear leaving my bikes out in a shed. I wont do it. there are bikes that have been out there for not to long and the cables and chain have started to rust. Noo gooood
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