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Has anyone had any experience with the windstopper/windfront tights? Obviously asking for the road bike cause it is getting cold out there!


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Yes, I wear them on the road all the time. I prefer a light weight stretchy tight as it is more versatile and can always be layered underneath if needed. I think they are Sugoi. Generally, when it gets below 23 the road gets too cold for me anyway.

I only feel the need for wind front on the mountain bike when temps dip below 20, and then I can go comfortably til about 5. I tried 8 below and all I could think of was how long til I get back to the car.


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Girodana Tenax Super Robaix with Windfront bib is what i use on the road when the temp drops into the low 40s mid 30s. beyond that im stayin inside!! I think that's what the name is ill check when i go into work today and report back later.


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below mid 30's staying inside! I have been riding in the mornings on the weekend and I don't think I have had a ride above 30 the last couple of weeks.


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I just double up my full-length tights, that does the trick. I actually go tights, riding shorts, tights. Sometimes you gotta adjust to get it right, if you know what I'm saying, but it works. I'm up to 4 layers on top when it's 30-ish and then add the 5th as a windbreaker when it gets under 30 (for the road). I'm finding more and more than my upper body protection dictates how warm/cold my hands and feet get, though sub-30 I need foot warmers or my ride is 1:15 and them I'm thinking of hot showers.


For the feet I use my Shimano high-top SPDs. I didn't originally purchase them (2 years ago) for cold weather, but that's exactly what they're best for. One pair of wool socks and my feet stay warm in the coldest weather. They're probably available for $75. I need some warm tights though.


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I've got Pearl Izumi AmFib wind front tights. They are awesome. They stop any air and get you super warm. On the coldest of days I wear my 3/4 knickers and the pants and I'm perfect. Most days I go with my knickers alone but when it gets super cold the wind stop pants are great. I think they were 70-80 bucks.
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