will this fork fit my bike?

My dad's a tv repairman..........


Both bikes have a 1 1/8 head set and fork the only problem might be the length of the steerer tube on the fork but you shouldn't have any problems. Lets ride b4 the snow flies. GB
The Spesh page doesn't show a Dirt Jam fork as coming with any of the '04 Spesh models, so I don't know the fork's travel, but assuming it's 100mm like the other forks offered with the Hardrock, that seems to be 30mm less travel than your current fork, which would change your bike's head angle more than one degree (making it steeper and faster but "twitchier" and less plush. Your bike's current head angle is 67.5 so now it would be between 68.5 and 69 -- closer to a trail bike and less a jump bike.

Also the fork's steerer tube has been cut to fit the Hardrock but the Spesh site doesn't show the geometry numbers. Depending on your Jamis' size, your head tube is between 4.75 and 5.5 inches long, so measure the Hardrock's head tube because if it's longer than your Jamis' head tube (and Jake was using spacers which most people do), the steerer tube might not be long enough for your Jamis. Or just measure both fork's steerer tubes.

Lastly you need to make sure the Dirt Jam has a disc brake mount since you run disc brakes on your Jamis. That should about cover it.
the fork has disc mounts so no issues there.

the Dirt Jam was not an original spec on the hardrock that year which is why it doesn't appear on the page. based on what TC from marty's told me when i bought the bike, the dirtjam was an upgrade that he negotiated.
sorry i didnt say the fork wasnt the original one, i guess ill just ride it around for now the way it is, see if its worth it. i really like the way my bike is set up, and i may just be on the hunt for a 130mm fork instead.

ill still be picking the bike up though :)
That seems like a lot of travel for a HT XC rig.

Is that what your looking to do with it? Or you crazy kids hittin the big stuff.
im not planning on riding anything other than six mile, maybe mercer once a month, thats really it. just looking to upgrade the RST Launch fork on my bike now, as i think its kinda beat up :( kind of going halfs on the bike with a friend, and putting the upgraded stuff from the hardrock on my komodo :)
all this talk about the fork switching... check out the for sale area.

there's an all mtn 2 (i've ridden the all mtn 3 fork for a bit - loved it) for sale on here for cheap - i don't know if that is out of the price range you are looking for, but it would be a perfect fit for your jamis. i think the all mtn 2 runs at 130mm.

i would hop on it, but my friend is looking to pick up his first non-walmart bike, and has his eyes set on the specialized but cannot afford it :(

so i told him id put some of my parts on it and make it cheaper for him, if i got the upgraded goodies :)

thanks though!
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