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JORBA: Ringwood
Check out the new family hanging out by lot c the last few days....




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Where is the new trail located? How would i get there from lot c?

climb up the dbl track (facing woods, the one on right)

bear right twice, climb all the way up to the 3 way dbl track intersection, also the trailhead for warm puppy rock.

trail head is between the left turn up hill and the straight ahead downhill fireroads.

climb, then turn around and do it downhill :) we need you to do two passes.


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I almost clocked the little one when cruising along the meadow trail the other week. He/she zipped straight across the trail. Then coming back on the trail going back to lot C i had to slam on my brakes cause there was a lil box turtle right in the middle of the trail. I picked him up and said hello showed Pauline then placed back on the trail....wonder if he got to where he wanted to go that night.

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