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JORBA: Wildcat/Splitrock
Orange to Hawkwatch
This trail was put in many years back by hawkwatcher Bill and some TC members. It has since through inheritance fallen into our custodial care. While i think most would agree it is an awesome trail, several sections are not routed so good and require periodic maintenance. On the fall line sections, without care they become wide washed out and full of loose rock. No longer prime singletrack. We have had fairly good results preserving the trail by adding a bit of zig zag to it and creating gutters with downfall. These logs which appear to be sticking out into the trail are what forms the gutters that divert water off the trail. So yeh, not put there to just make it harder for you to climb. We try to make it look natural, and thought is put into creating a line. So please pass on to others the intent, and maybe the work won't get undone.

The bypass also required work. Two lines on either side of a tree, tilled with skid marks is not a good look. Your advocates get pummeled with this evidence, and the only answer is "education". So in case ya didn't know, skidding is bad for the trail and makes us look bad. There is now just one very usable line into the bypass, I hope you all find it acceptable and can keep it that way.

And also removed two downfall.
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We should stop catering to this Nagy fellow and eliminate any bypass around technical features. He’s gotta man up at some point.

As always, thanks for all the effort Norm. Rode this section Sunday and didn’t get around to post up on the downfall but sounds like you got both trees.


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Cleaned up top of new way down this morning, but still some suspended big stuff left that’s gonna need a chainsaw and someone that knows how not to die to clear the rest. It’s passable tho.

Also, should we sunset the “crowd sourced maintenance” thread and post here instead?
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