Why Would Someone Put Multiple Logs/Sticks Across Trails?


I was at Tourne today and did the same exact loop I did on Saturday, but this time on one of the sections someone had actually removed fallen branches and trees and laid them across the trail a bunch of times where I know it was delibrate. WTF is that all about.

The trail is if you pull into tourne from the boonton side through mt lakes, turn in and park at the first parking lot on right. You go straight up the logging road and at the top you intersect with a single track that eventually takes you over to the red blaze rattlesnake section.

From the top of the logging road down to that first house is the section that someone felt the need to obstruct. They must have laid down about 15 or so branches / trees including one right at the traihead.

I don't understand and probably never will, but is there beef between Tourne and the neighboring community on the border?
I was there on Sunday and I ran across a couple of punk kids who made some smart ass comment. I could easily see them doing something like that. Its probably just some jackass(es) like that just being just that. No worries.


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about 3 years ago I was rolling through allaire and someone had dug a huge hole to make a jump at the bottom of one of the hills.
needless to say I ended up in the woods with my bike on top of me then a quick visit to the ER finding I had bruised 2 ribs and twisted my shoulder....
this kind of crap is just stupid ....


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this is not an uncommon problem at the tourne. at one point there was a rock roller that was being disassembled on an almost daily basis. there were some accusations that it was done by a trail runner who had a beef with MTB'ers, not too sure if it it true.

my 2 cents - don't be too quick to blame the kids. the issues that are occurring there are too consistent and in a similar in nature to be the work of mischievous/punk kids. when i was that age, we were more mischievous and random


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I don't think mine was just kids screwing around or someone try to do damage.
I just think some one was jumping and did not clean up after themselves.


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There are a number of areas that were eroding in a bad way that had been blocked and posted in the fall. Most of trail rehab signs are already gone and some of the blocked areas were re-opened. The good folks at JORBA had done some excellent work to keep the trails going. I too was there yesterday but missed the area you talk about. I recommend hooking up with a TM day at the Tourne to learn about and help with the areas of concern.
BTW - The trails are nearly perfect with some mild leaf cover, very fast right now.
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