Why Me???


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OK So two weeks ago I finally go tubeless on the FatBoy..
Awsome! Lighter, the ride and grip is noticeably better.

Yesterday... My rear tire finds this on Red trail near the rowing timing stand!!!!
I have ridden that same line hundreds of times before. It was halfway out of the tire!

It actually chipped the paint on the seat stays as the tire rotated twice before I got stopped.

Credit to the Orange Endurance sealer as I was able to get back to the West picnic area on a single pump up.
Now I gotta patch the tire and reseal!!!!


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I managed to pick up a full nail at waywayanda last year or so. Gotta watch some of those construction areas


Damn Tom, when you do stuff, you do it right! That's one helluva spike! I punctured not too long ago and used an umbrella looking auto patch.....perfect repair!


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Hutchinson also makes a pretty good patch kit. I have used it on tubeless road tires and it worked perfectly.


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Thanks for all the tips.
Repaired it yesterday.
Broke the tire down and salvaged the Endurance sealer left in the tire.
I also was able to clean & reuse the Fatty Stripper rim strip.
I used a heavy duty glue patch on the inside. Tire went back together OK.
Tire seated just fine. Put the sealer back in and inflated to 10Lbs. Only a few bubbles on the rim and then all was good!
I like that regular tire plug kit Bike N Gear posted above and I'll get one soon. (for the next time!)

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