Who's the dude..


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who's the guy riding a Gary Fisher Rig SS on Saturday around noon.
You were heading up VanHouten toward Valley Rd in Clifton?

anybody here on Mtbnj?


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looking for a side piece?

ok you got me.:confused:

actually was wondering if people ride up at Rifle Camp or Garret Mtn. I've seen a dude riding a Moots up that way, also.

I think Garret is not legal.. Anyone know about Rifle Camp Park?


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as far as I know Garret and Rifle C Park are legal, but Garret sucks ass and I dunno about Rifle.

There is another spot close to you but that IS illegal.


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Rifle Camp Park not only sucks ass but is a haven for those of "alternative lifestyle".

(is that redundant?)


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At one point I had every last dirt path listed in the directory. I've taken some out, left some in but for the most part that's the only one that probably shouldn't be there.

i thought garret mountain was legal...i ride a GF rig, but it wasnt me you saw

Yes and no. I don't know officially what the deal is but I got yelled at by police for riding off the main path. We were using the same trails as the horses use and you'd think we had ak47s on our backs.

I can also confirm that there is at least one no bicycles on the trails sign at Rifle Camp Park.
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