Who's that Drop?

I know not as good a tittle as rocks to roll but this weekends special is DROPS. Where can I find some doable drops? I don't mind some that grandpa jim wont do but I'm looking for all types of options to bring into my weekend's ride.


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The one at Nassau, RW alt line I think on Skylands, I don’t know a single trail name in High Mtn but there is 1 there everyone rolls.


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That feature in the middle of Yellow at Dickerson Mine is supposed to be a drop but someone keeps blocking it with the rock of safety.


Sourlands. They have a decent variety of drops. Some beginner friendly with some good flow into them others a bit more challenging.


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Just thought about this but the camp site at Mahlon is abandoned right now and they have those elevated tent platforms. The uneven ground makes them all different heights in spots. I was dicking around on them the other day.


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Sprain ridge, tons of drops. And there’s some ledges that vary in height and don’t have any trees or obstacles near them.
Was up there March 1 with my nephew and his whiny little pal. We ran into JoJo, Mickey and Zeus near the top by the Whale Rock. JoJo and Mickey went off a 18+ vert foot roll that inflected halfway down to vert. My nephew watches and turns to me and says "We're not doing that." For the rest of the ride, the whiny little pal kept asking if we could get away from those two and Zeus, who is an epic trail dog and ran around the drop. Whining increased when JoJo went off the six foot boulder drops twice.

Good times in the old normal. Topped by this van in the parking lot:

HATE BIKE IMG_20200301_124240-01.jpg