Who XC skis??


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Just wondering how many others have skis.The conditions are gonna rock for a couple of wknds now and it would be good to hit the trails.Let it be known though that I don't do that gay straight line crap,only full on skate thru all my usual mtb loops.....................and yes i hit trees regularly.


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When I went to the University of Maine I worked at the Bangor Ski Rack.

They had tons of demos so I was Skate Skiing all winter.

I had 180km of Groomed trail about 200 feet from my dorm room.

In hindsight I wish I had taken more advantage of it.

I backcounrty skied a bunch too.



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.......and yes i hit trees regularly.

I think we refer to that as tree hugging. ;)

Skied last Saturday at Wawayanda and the conditions were pretty tough. Breakable crust, broken ice with huge puddles. That place may be a mess for a few weeks.

and yes I XC ski, both stride and skate. In my family, you are born into it. Skates and skiis are on by age 3. I'll let you figure out how long ago that was.;)
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