who remembers this movie?


Google video had the entire RAD film online for a while but its gone now. Spent more than one friday afternoon watching that.
This is completely unrelated to me getting laid off last month of course.


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Never saw that movie when it was out, as I was really too old for the BMX scene, and never got into it. Couple of things that stood out:

- 80's fashion was almost as bad as 70's fashion.
- Seeing Ray Walston flip that guy off made me almost piss my pants!!


wow, bringing back the memories. Rad was hands down my favorite movie, i still have it on vhs. This movie got me into bmx racing. . Even though i was young in the 80's its still one of my favorite decades. The music, movies, and just the way peoples personalities were, trump the music movies and people of today. That being said im off to watch rad then im going to dust off the bmx bike and go hurt myself. Peas out. :drooling:
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