who invented mountain bike??


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this might seem to be a silly question,but i'm sure not many peoples/bikers know who invented them and wich country. i do know a bit of it,...so perhaps some of mtbnjer's know the answer.



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Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and a bunch of other hippies set up a race on old schwinn bikes...Mt. Tamalpais in Marin county CA. They modified the old cruisers with drum brakes and motorcycle caliper brakes for the run. It was called 'Repack' because they had to repack the grease at the end of each run.
Check out the movie KLUNKERZ. It has the whole history. Pretty eye opening...you get the story from everyone that was there and learn how the industry was born. I love that documentary.
They were all road riders looking for a new thrill. The winners got bags of weed! Awesome history!


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I invented Mountain Biking.

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It was that guy, with that face, oh and that hair, from that town. darn cant remember his name:rofl:


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The Vietnamese were mountain biking prior to the war and used MTBing to transport supplies despite the very heavy bombing effort against them.

William Nealy illustrates this in one of his old MTB cartoon books, but I don't feel like scanning it.

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I actually rode around Marin Co. for a week last year and mingled with the locals a bit & what an insight was provided. I bumped into Gary Fisher at a coffee shop & my guide grew up on Mt. Tam & brought me to the trails where it all began. It was an out of body experience. BTW My husband's best buddy & family moved to San Rafael 5 years ago & they don't even mtb. . what a waste!


The NorCal guys were the first to make it into something resembling what we do today, but you can go back to the early 20th century to find off-road bike racing in France, and you can go back to the mid 19th century to find the "Buffalo Soldiers," an all-black army regiment that used bikes in the mountains of the midwest. There's no easy answer but it's an interesting one.


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I think we might be confusing mountain bike with mountain biking. Gary Fisher and his gang may have started mountain biking but they weren't riding mountain bikes as it didn't exist. What bike manufacturer was the first to make a purpose built bike for mountain biking?
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